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Gyms will open on May 27

By: Kateryna Livshyts May 27, 2020 no comments

Gyms will open on May 27

In TRNC, where new cases of COVID-19 have not appeared for more than a month, the measures taken for prevention of the spread of the virus are facilitating gradually. And therefore, today (May 27) gyms will be opened.

Many sectors remained closed for two months, and the first step in the opening was taken on May 4.

Places such as restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, Internet cafes, bars were opened on May 20, and playgrounds on May 22.

The ban on collective worship was lifted on Ramadan day.

On the other hand, casinos, hotels, and tattoo salons will open from June 1. Cultural and artistic events will also be held from this date.

Starting on June 1st, some sports sections may be open.

It is still forbidden to go out from 00:00 to 6:00. Everyone who goes outside is required to wear masks.

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