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Establishment Of A Company

Our firm is happy to provide you necessary legal service in order you can become an owner of a company, established here in Cyprus.

Requirements for a registration of a company in TRNC.

If your future company’s business is related with property matters, you have to find a local partner, who will hold 51% of the company shares.

If your future company’s business is not related with property matters, then the whole company can be owed by the foreigners.

  • Minimum number of shareholders is two.
  • Minimum share capital is $100.000, which has to be deposited at one of the local TRNC Banks and will be frozen on account till the time the company is registered. (Maximum 1 week)
  • As a Tax guarantee, approximately 15.000 TL shall be frozen in a bank.
  • Full information regarding the sort of business that future company will do.
  • Five alternative names of a company.
  • You have to appoint a local director for the company.


Documents to be provided
  • Notarized photo-copies of the applicants’ passports.
  • Police clearance certificate for applicants, stating that there are no criminal records.