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The educational system of Northern Cyprus is based on the British system, which consists of 4 levels:

➡ 1 stage – Preschool education.

➡ Level 2 – Elementary School.

➡ Level 3 – High School.

➡ 4th level – Higher school (colleges, universities).

Kindergartens in Northern Cyprus

Pre-school education in Northern Cyprus is optional. Gardens are mostly represented by private educational institutions. The educational program in such gardens, as a rule, includes the following aspects:

➡ Adaptation in the team;

➡ Learning the basics of independence;

➡ Physical fitness;

Schools in Northern Cyprus

Schools in Northern Cyprus are divided into public and private. The first ones are taught in Turkish for the first 5 years, and English is studied as a foreign language, then – in high school – some of the subjects are also taught in English. In private schools, instruction is often conducted in English, Turkish is studied additionally. Private schools also often offer a wider range of subjects, emphasizing art, information technology, and other areas.

Universities in Northern Cyprus

Higher education in Northern Cyprus offers programs in English and Turkish. The entire educational process is organized at the highest level. Foreign students have the right to work in their free time. In average, there are from 5 to 7 courses per semester, and each class takes 3 hours per week, which means that all the students are able to work part-time or even full-time. The system allows choosing the most convenient time for each class and students are able to reschedule their classes as they wish.


  • Education at universities in Northern Cyprus is built on modern European standards, so this is an excellent opportunity to get a higher education of advanced quality at a reasonable price;
  • University diplomas of Northern Cyprus are recognized by the countries of the European Union and the USA, so after graduation, you can easily get a job in an international company;
  • A large selection of faculties and departments at universities, which will allow you to get the desired higher education;
  • Cyprus is a safe tourist island, so there will be no problems with living here;
  • Citizens of other countries are taught in English, so this is a great opportunity to improve their foreign language skills, as a result of which they feel comfortable in any country in the world.

Undergraduate studies at the university last for 4 years. Students can also study in Cyprus and go to the UK or Singapore for one to two semesters. According to the master’s programs, education lasts 1.5-2 years.

In order to get accepted, you must pass the TOEFL language test with a score of at least 550 points. For those who have not scored the required number of points, a foundation program in English is offered. You can also take an internal university test.

Discounts and grants

For international students, the university provides a number of grants and discounts.

Almost all of the students receive a discount on the amount of 50-100%. Students can apply for such a discount after completing 10 subjects (with the academic progress of at least 3 credits in each subject) and meeting the minimum requirements for average CGPA performance. This academic scholarship is provided on a competitive basis and, accordingly, cannot be guaranteed. After completing the foundation school, the best students receive additional scholarships. Students who regularly represent University in sports events can also apply for a discount.

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