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A closer look at different areas of Northern Cyprus

By: Kateryna Livshyts September 11, 2019 no comments

A closer look at different areas of Northern Cyprus

The biggest cities in North Cyprus are considered to be Nicosia, Kyrenia, and Famagusta. Nicosia is the capital and administrative center, which is located almost in the middle of the island and is distant from the seaside. A lot of business opportunities can be found in Nicosia, so the pace of life there is very frantic, as well as in every capital city. This can cause traffic jams, environmental pollution and hustle and bustle everywhere.

Famagusta is a port city located on the southeastern coast; it is a city of students’ campuses and sandy beaches. Life in Famagusta is concentrated on the students’ needs and their requirements: life here is quite affordable; there is a good choice of cheap thrills and restaurants as well as fast-food cafes. Hardly Famagusta can satisfy requirements of the more exacting people. There is a small number of good restaurants. Cultural events usually do not take place in Famagusta either. Moreover, the city is located in the lowland, that’s why luxurious sea view can be seen only by the lucky owners of the houses at the front-line.

Kyrenia, comparing to other cities, has well-developed infrastructure and can be proud of its’ resort dimension of life, inherent only to touristic cities. The best restaurants are located in Kyrenia and you can choose the one you like between Italian, Chinese, Japan and much more different restaurants with worldwide cuisine. Here you can find the best cinemas, night clubs, concert halls, and boutiques. Beaches in Kyrenia are perfect. You can also find a lot of students’ places in Kyrenia, as well as private English schools and kindergartens. A unique geographical location with its’ gradual rise of the altitude above the sea level allows people to enjoy unforgettable landscapes. Even those houses that are distant from the sea line are provided with the picturesque view of the sea and mountains.

It is worth mentioning that some cities have different names on maps and road signs. For example Nicosia – Lefkoşa, Famagusta – Gazimağusa (Magusa), Kyrenia – Girne.

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