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Talat Kürşat

Founder Of Talat Kursat & Co

Where there is a wrong, there is a remedy...


Our Founder Mr. Kursat was born in Paphos/Cyprus in 1947 and following his secondary education he studied law in England and was qualified from MIDDLE TEMPLE Inns of Court as a Barrister at Law in the year 1973. In 1980 he took and passed the exams of the British Law Society and earned the right to practice as a Solicitor as well.

Mr. Kursat completed his pupilage in a legal Chamber in Nicosia and in early 1974 was admitted to both Bar’s of Cyprus and TRNC. He has been practicing the legal profession since then.

Mr.Kursat is the Chartered President of the Nicosia Surici Lions Club and also one of the the founders of The Mediation Association of Nicosia. He is at wise present and one of the Founders of this Association.

In the years 2006-2007 Mr. Kursat headed a Committee, which undertook to prepare a draft Bill on Mediation. The Draft was prepared and submitted to the High Court for approval which when it is approval Mediation will be integrated into our legal system.

Since the submission of a peace plan by Koffi Annan, the Secretary General to the United Nations to the leaders of the Turkish and Greek sides of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Parliamentarians as well as almost all TV and radio channels in North Cyprus have been inviting our Founder Mr.Kursat to advice the public on the legal aspects of the Plan.

Mr. Kursat is the President of Insurance Arbitration Commusion since August 2015.

He is married with two children one of whom (Akan Kursat) is the partner of our legal firm.

Some important events headed by our Founder;

  • In 2003 Koffi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations submitted a peace plan to the leaders of the Turkish and Greek sides of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Parliament at that time invited our Founder  Kursat to advice the parliamenterians on the legal aspects of the Plan.
  • In year 2005 our Founder headed a meeting of over three hundred Businesman, Developers and Estate Agents, taking place in Girne, discussing propery matters in the TRNC.
  • In the same year our Founder attended a live tv program together with the interior Minister of the TRNC, at which program the Interior Minister was convinced and agreed to reduce the %20 Vat rate applicable to propety sales at that date to %5 which rate is still applicable since.
  • In year 2009 our Founder headed a general meeting attended to by all practicing lawyers in the TRNC and discussed the effects of the well knows Orams case.
  • Several general meetings of various sport clubs in the TRNC where headed by our Founder.
  • In 2016 our Founder headed the general meeting of the SOS Children Village Association which is also member of the same association.