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Tourism Minister said that in December, the improvement of Kyrenia’s old harbor will begin.

By: Kateryna Livshyts December 3, 2019 no comments

Tourism Minister said that in December, the improvement of Kyrenia’s old harbor will begin.

Tourism Minister Unal Ustel said that in December, the development and improvement of Kyrenia’s old harbor will begin.

He stated that they have been working in the port of Kyrenia for four months to restore its original condition.

The minister said: “I do not want to criticize, but why did we make such a valuable place so useless?” he said.

Plans to restore the old harbor were unveiled at the Savoy Hotel on Thursday. Minister Ustel said that “by April 2020, the harbor of Kyrenia will become a center of attraction.”

Explaining that together with the municipality of Kyrenia, the Ministry of Transport and KIB-TEK, a new lighting and sewage system will be installed.

Minister Ustel said that all umbrellas in restaurants will be the same. Boats will be moved to improve sea views, and everyone should sacrifice something, but in the end, everyone will benefit. However, this caused criticism from the owners of restaurants and boats.

They said the proposed changes are not practical. Moving boats from the safest places in the harbor may jeopardize their vessels. Boats will be exposed to waves near the sea wall and also leave very little space for maneuvers.

However, the minister said that he visited many ports in the Mediterranean Sea and did not see anything like Kyrenia harbor. He pointed out that the old harbor is a very valuable asset for the country, and its improvement will lead to the expansion of business in local stores. He also said that at the moment few people approve such a sea view from the harbor.

Ustel further said that new mooring fees would be introduced and he was determined to implement the Ancient Harbor Ordinance. The Minister reiterated the warning that owners’ vessels that still have unpaid port charges will be seized and transferred to the State Department of Real Estate.

The tourism minister said Kyrenia’s harbor has been neglected for many years and the buildings have not been serviced. A council will be created for this project to oversee any work that will be done.

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