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Archives: Team Members

Kateryna Livshyts

Dec 15, 2018
Kateryna was born in Dnipro, Ukraine. She is native Russian speaker and is fluent in Ukrainian and English. She also has basic knowledge of Turkish language. Kateryna is dealing with...

Gülsen Kökay

Dec 1, 2018
Gülsen Kökay started to work in the company as a secretary in 1996. Her job includes maintenance of the files outside of the office, to carry out work at the...

Sezin Kutay

Nov 2, 2018
Sezin Kutay started to work since 1983 as a secretary. She is responsible for internal work of the office, starting from incoming calls and finishing with office accounts. She is...

Göksu Durmuş

May 17, 2017
Göksu Durmuş was born in Adana (1987). She graduated in law from Near East University, Nicosia (2009). She was admitted to the Bar of the TRNC in 2010 and since...

Akan Kürşat

May 17, 2017
Akan Kursat was born in Nicosia on June the 15th, 1974. After completing his Secondary education at the Bayraktar Turk Maarif College he went to England where he was admitted...

Talat Kürşat

May 16, 2017
Our founder Mr. Kursat was born in Paphos/Cyprus in 1947 and following his secondary education he studied law in England and was qualified from MIDDLE TEMPLE Inns of Court as...