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Repairing works offer

By: Kateryna Livshyts October 13, 2020 no comments

Repairing works offer

Dear Client,

We, here in the TalatKursat&Co law firm are all well, thanks God, and hope you are also enjoying good health together with your loved ones.

We are writing to inform you that if you are still keeping your property that we originally assisted you to purchase here in North Cyprus and provided your property needs any small or big repairing works or even to make any internal changes or any other work, we made a protocol with a reliable building firm who may undertake any such works at a very reasonable cost and in fact at least 25% below normal market prices.

If you wish, this firm, under our control, will visit your property (whether you are here or not) and list the work needed and offer you a price. The work will not be undertaken unless and until you confirm your acceptance through our office. If you do not agree in any way, no charge will be made.

Everyone interested can contact us via the following emails: talat@talatkursat.com, kateryna@talatkursat.com.

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