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Mediation Services

Mediation is a system whereby two parties in dispute come together and with the assistance of a qualified Mediator enter into a dialogue and endeavor to settle their dispute on a win-to-win basis.

This Alternative Dispute Resolution system is very widely used in most developed countries. It is rather preferred way of resolving disputes because it is cheaper, resolves disputes in a much shorter period of time, gives the chance to the parties to express their feelings openly to one another and most important perhaps at all, each party gains something.

There is a Mediation Association in North Cyprus of which our senior partner Mr. Talat Kursat is at present the wise President. There are nearly 100 active members to this Association and some 20 of them are actively attending Mediation cases. USA and British experts on the subject have trained all the practising Mediators.

Recently our senior partner, on the request of the President of the High Court, made a thorough search on the subject and prepared a draft bill of Mediation. The draft Bill is at present under scrutiny and is expected to be submitted for the approval of the local Parliament. If and when the Bill becomes Law, District Court Judges will be entitled to refer cases to Mediation. At present the system work voluntarily.

Our Legal Office therefore will gladly undertake to advice client’s the procedure and is to whether their case is one proper to be referred to Mediation.

Normally cases are mediated at two sessions. Please contact our office should you need further information on this subject.